What Dr. Alice’s patients have to say:
I first went to see Dr. Alice when I was about 8 weeks pregnant, and I had developed terrible sciatic pain. I was nervous about seeing a chiropractor while pregnant but she is very knowledgeable about how to treat pregnant women safely. She fixed my pain in 2 visits; the pain was completely resolved! A couple months later when I was 5 months pregnant, I was in a minor car accident and got some whiplash, and I started seeing Dr. Alice again, and I continued to see her on a weekly basis throughout my pregnancy. I was able to get some relief in my neck and also in my hips and low back, which had gotten more and more uncomfortable as I got more pregnant. One thing I especially enjoyed was that not only did she do a physical adjustment, she also checked if I needed any emotional release and if so, facilitated that. Dr. Alice's office is quite a far drive for me, but it was worth it to have someone I knew would take good care of me and my baby.
-Sara L. (Project manager, Healer)
Dr. Alice is not only an exceptional and knowledgeable chiropractor and healer, she is an amazing, wonderful person.  She worked on me every week during my pregnancy (which she is a specialist in), and being under her care made it one of the most special experiences of my life.  After my baby was born, she continued to work on the both of us.  My baby's ribs were misaligned from from the birth, which I or anyone else would not have known about if it not had had been for Dr. Alice, so I was fortunate that she discovered that and adjusted her with the slightest, most gentle "baby adjustment."  We continued to get maintenance chiropractic adjustments until my daughter was 2 years old, when we moved and were unable to.  We miss Dr. Alice very much and continue to keep in touch.
-Audrey R. (Mother & Business Owner)
I started seeing Dr. Alice one year ago. I am fortunate enough to have met her being she works for the healing center that I work for as well. I had never been exposed to her method of Chiropractic treatment and I was a bit nervous at first, however I was at the point in my life when I was looking for CHANGE. I was ready to conquer those things in my life that had been swept under the carpet for some time.  Dr. Alice is like a miracle worker. Her treatments opened my eyes to so much my heart was too fearful to see. And she took me through it with baby steps. I have had a definite improvement in life since receiving treatment from her. Not only are my back, hips and ankles feeling better, I feel like an emotional weight has been lifted off of my shoulders. Dr. Alice's treatments are truly unique. I always feel like the time she spends with me is so dedicated and complete. I always walk away feeling wonderful and like I've found a lifetime friend. Thanks so much Dr. Alice. You truly are a wonderful healer!
-Sandy S. (Nutrition Specialist, Chef)
"I had a frozen shoulder when I came to Dr.  Alice.  I had been seeing another Chiropractor whose care wasn't effective and had cause me pain.  Dr. Alice immediately went right for my shoulder, not hesitating to manipulate it directly.  She is strong and sensitive.  My shoulder responded beautifully to her treatments.  I have used chiropractic care for over 20 years.  It is my primary source of health care.  I say with deep sincerity that Dr. Alice has been the best chiropractor I have ever worked with.  Rock on Dr. A" 
-Jennifer R. (musician)
In addition to the chiropractic care, Dr. Alice has also been doing some N.E.T.
I used to wake up constantly with that kink in my neck. I could hardly turn my head. But that is all over now and I sleep like a baby, thanks to Dr. Alice and the amazing effects of Chiropractic care. In addition to the chiropractic care, Dr. Alice has also been doing some Neuro-Emotional Technique with me. I have found this work to be invaluable in that it has shifted my mind and my awareness. For example, I find myself free to do things that that I would have never dared to do before, like public speaking for one. In the past I would stand in front of groups of people and I would freeze, now I find that I am able to stand and speak clearly and with confidence. I also find that I am able to greet strangers with a smile and eye contact, whereas in the past I would avert my eyes so as to avoid dealing with the awkward feelings that I encountered with strangers. This has allowed me to grow myself and my business with more confidence and joy.I refer all of my friends to see Dr. Alice and they all come back with a sincere "Thank You", or a "WOW, that was amazing".
-Maya W. (Massage Therapist)
I can’t imagine going to another chiropractor. Dr. Alice’s open minded approach to chiropractic care and holistic principals combined with her ability to get the body to "talk back" are the keys that make real healing possible. I will sing her praises forever as she has made all the difference in my overall health and well being.When I met Dr. Alice I was in a great deal of pain and was having a hard time just standing. I have seen many chiropractors for this condition as I have had it several times in my life. No other doctor has been able help me with this condition because they couldn’t diagnose the underlying problem. But Dr. Alice was able to find the cause of the problem and after a few visits I was able to stand without pain. Now, weeks later, I am back to life as I know it.
–Melanie W.(Entertainment)
Dr. Alice Changed My Life!   Living with chronic back pain for over a decade, I had grown accustomed to a certain level of discomfort. It was not until I literally couldn’t move that I reluctantly allowed a good friend to take me to see her chiropractor. I had heard a variety of negative things about chiropractic but the pain was overwhelming and I felt I had nothing to lose. Upon meeting Dr. Alice I knew I had made the right choice. She answered every question in a direct manner and made sure I understood what was wrong and what the course of action would be. I almost immediately felt relief and I found the treatments soothing and quick. Within a few months I began to feel no back pain at all. I still cannot understand what prevented me from seeking treatment earlier. I realize now that every naysayer had never actually been to a chiropractor. I chalk it up to fear of the unknown. Dr. Alice is truly a skilled and in tune healer and she has changed my life. I never imagined I could feel this good physically.
-Tudor B.
"When I first came to Alice back in 2000, I had injured my neck on a backpacking trip to Australia and my back had been in constant spasm for 3 weeks while I was there.  I was in total pain but was torn about leaving as I was there to see the Olympics and I couldn't imagine leaving prematurely.  I decided to go to a chiropractor in Australia several times and though he adjusted me structurally -  which caused some temporary relief - it never really stuck or lasted.  I was scared that there was something seriously wrong, yet my friend, Dr. Alice, emailed me saying it would be alright and that I was to see her when I got back to the States... so I did.  At that time, I wasn't sure what the energy work and muscle testing was all about, but I was open. What happened in that session blew my mind.  Alice helped me get in touch with a blocked, suppressed emotion I had been holding in my body for 10 years - unknowingly - and she said this was the time it was coming up for healing.  Once she helped me to get in touch with it - and I shed some tears and released it - she was able to adjust me structurally and this time, it truly healed!  For the first time in 3 weeks of solid pain and muscle spasms in my back and left arm, my pain was almost completely gone within 24 hours!  I was stunned.  It was my first personal experience with how intimately the emotional body and the physical body are so connected... and it made so much sense. Dr. Alice Grob is amazing at what she does.  She let's spirit guide her work that I believe is some of the most progressive body work out there.  She has helped me several times since that initial visit with her and I am forever grateful!  I believe the body is always communicating to us and sometimes, we just need someone to translate.  Alice is that person!  She has a gift!  Thank you!"
-Lisa B. (Exercise Physiologist)
"I came to see Dr. Alice due to chronic lower back pain...quite frankly I was in agony on a daily basis and had been for quite awhile. After about 3 visits I began to notice that my posture was better and the pain was lessening...as I recall, all those visits were in the first week.  I continued to see Dr. Alice three times per week for about one month and then we cut the visits to twice per week in the second month.  After 3 months I saw Dr. Alice only once per week and was able to maintain a pretty much pain free life.  There was enormous relief after about 3 weeks and my adjustments began to hold for longer and longer periods of time. Perhaps I should mention that there were periods when I would travel for work when I wouldn't see Dr. Alice for 2-3 weeks at a time and I felt great although by the end of the trips I was beginning to feel out of alignment. As much as I appreciated Dr. Alice's skill as a chiropractor, I also valued Dr. Alice's cheerful attitude, her willingness to work with my crazy producer's schedule and her keen observations about the underlying [non-structural] causes for some of my lower back pain, i.e., tension, anger, fear, etc.  I have nothing but good things to say about Dr. Alice.  My treatment with her improved my quality of life 100%. Thanks, Dr. Alice!
-Jelayne M. (writer)
"Before I started my sessions with Dr.Alice my neck mobility was getting worse. To turn my head to either side was becoming extremely painful and therefore I was forced to reduce my physical activity. At the beginning I did not notice a huge improvement, but I was consistent with my treatment and after a few sessions I started to regain my neck's ability to turn and bend. Almost all pain is gone and my mood has improved."
-Leticia A. (dancer, mother)
"The reason that I started Chiropractic Care with Dr. Alice is because I injured my lower back while exercising. My whole well being has changed due to vast improvements in my neck and back. I feel comfortable with my adjustments and have learned to trust more.  Dr. Alice is kind and generous with her care. She really cares about peoples health and has encouraged me greatly to do my part in my recovery process."
-Jason B.
I came to Dr. Alice through a high recommendation form a friend. I had persistent back and neck pain that began to interfere with my daily activities. I was apprehensive at first to even make and appointment as I had had a bad experience previously with chiropractic care. The pain overpower my apprehension and i made an appointment. I am very happy with that decision. Instead of just making needed adjustments and sending me on my way, my first visit was a lengthy consultation where i learned about my nervous system and how it affects my entire being. Dr. Alice provided me with a chart of the spinal cord with vertebrae specifically identified and functions of each. She showed me my troubled areas and explained how each area affects certain parts of the body. Then i was adjusted.  I have gone to chiropractors previously and was never given a "lesson" in why the pain occurs and how it can be corrected. I feel like I am now more in tune with my body than ever before and am on the road to a healthy, pain-free recovery because of Dr. Alice's care. I would and have recommended Dr. Alice to everyone for chiropractic care! She is terrific!
-Lou Ann E.
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